Nikie Piper


Did you know that what we see in others we see in ourselves; some say we can only see things in others that we see within ourselves.


Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves if we let it.


Everything that pleases us about others is a reflection of ourselves.


If a situation is uncomfortable then mostly we chose to ignore it, and blame the other person or make it about something other than ourselves.


Perhaps we should be questioning why certain behaviour in others has an effect on us?


When you realise that other people are mirrors of ourselves it opens doors to do the inner work on the traits that we dislike about ourselves – those things that we have pushed to the back, rejected in our rush to defend ourselves.


If we can learn to apply the understanding that other people are mirrors of ourselves. Then we begin to grow and appreciate that others can help us learn important lessons, especially in times of challenges. It becomes an opportunity to gain a better understanding of ourselves and work towards healing old wounds and growing as a person.


When you find yourself judging or finding fault with others, just pause.

Acknowledge what is coming up for you - what emotions are arising?


Take time to reflect and look inside, ask yourself ‘what has this brought up in me, what are they saying or doing that causes this reaction in me?’


Learn to identify what the traits are that you are noticing – can you identify them in yourself?


If you can deepen your awareness of what they are, you can acknowledge it and allow yourself to feel empowered to let them go. Awareness is the key.


So thank you to a recent coaching experience, for the mirrors I represented to the others and for the awareness brought to my attention, again awareness is key. The old me would have moved entirely into victim mode, I’m grateful I can choose to see this differently and to see how much I’ve grown, but also how much I can learn from the experience


If you find yourself in a situation that’s less than what you wish it to be, I encourage you to look within, what are your mirrors reflecting back at you? look at how can you change this, how you can change your thoughts and your reactions

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