Nikie Piper


Have you asked for it, told it what you want clearly and with certainty?

Part of making your dream life happen is knowing what that dream life looks like, feels like and sounds like and then taking action towards it.

Do you know what your dream life looks like?

… can you smell it?

… can you touch it when you close your eyes and visualise it?

… are you taking steps towards it?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily hamster wheel of life and not pay any attention to our dreams, believing that dream lives only happen for others.

To be too busy to think about them, let alone take any action towards making them happen, right?

To be too busy working that you forget you had dreams

Too engrossed working on someone else’s dream you’re too tired to think about your own

Feeling stuck and don’t know where to start

Saying to yourself that you don’t have the time

My simple actions that can get you started creating your own Awesome Life

  • Start changing your thoughts by keeping a gratitude diary of all the things that are going well in your life. A simple note pad or journal to jot down 3 things a day – more if you wish – it doesn’t have to take long.
  • Know that your thoughts create your emotions, so if you’re feeling stuck, lethargic or ‘just can’t be bothered’ these are going to carry on unless you change the way you think about things.
  • Ask yourself ‘what can I do today that can start me changing my thoughts?’ It may be just doing one thing you say you’re going to do for yourself, such as a walk in the morning or at lunchtime (or both!), it maybe to join that yoga class or find one on YouTube and actually do it or read, clear the garden, clean the car
  • Start looking for reasons why you can, and not why you can’t so your focus changes
  • If you’re stuck reach out to a coach, book a discovery call to see just how much they could help you

Just start, anywhere, but just start because the journey of a 1000 miles always starts with the first step

I take action every single day, especially on days I don’t feel like it

I dare you to start too

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