Nikie Piper



I know I did. For a long time and if I’m honest I still do in some things.


Resistance to doing things is natural especially if it’s

  • Brand new
  • We’re scared of getting it wrong
  • We’re scared of failing
  • We think we’re going to mess it up
  • Scared of what others may think
  • Scared that we’re not good enough
  • It feels really difficult to take that next step


Then you keep pushing it aside, putting is off, finding other things to do that seem to have ‘priority’ and delaying what really need needs to be done.


This becomes a problem when it comes to growing your business just as much as it is to start following your dreams, to change things that you want to change in your life.


This was me.


And what I have discovered is that these are just surface level reasons and excuses that stop us from showing up and taking action. You need to look deeper at why you think, feel and believe these things.


The realisation that this was underpinning everything I wanted to do was a game changer.


To start following your dreams or to step up into the next level in business can cause a lot of resistance to doing the work to get you were want to go. I know I’ve experienced plenty myself.


So what I found is that I can stop fighting myself every step of the way

I can stop the resistance

I can start to feel better about my to do list

I can start to do those things on my to do list and get results

I can take the action no matter what


To know that I have a choice and that I can change that resistance and boot it out.


That I can either fight myself every step of the way (I should be doing this, I should be doing that, not taking action, beating myself up, telling myself I’m not good enough, feeling unworthy and feeding all of those nasty icky feelings inside).




I can learn how to deal with it.


I can remove the emotion attached to it – emotions are thoughts and thoughts can be changed

I choose to believe I can make it easy

I can stop being the victim of my excuses and my emotions and the stories I tell myself

Understanding that taking action is a habit

Taking action no matter what is a habit, just like any other habit

Understanding that bringing new things into my life will feel uncomfortable, but it won’t be forever

I can choose action over resistance

It will be so worth it


So if you’re finding you want to start following your dreams and doing something different, and find it hard to start taking the next step then find someone who can support you, who is on your side, who can help you fight those surface levels blocks and get you taking action to move forward.


Someone who’s been there and can show you how let’s have a conversation

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