Nikie Piper


In yourself

(…sorry if you thought I was going to say Santa Claus or Fairies… although I believe in those as well)

Do you believe in yourself enough that you can change?

That you can have the things you want in your life?

I’ll share something with you

Self-belief is skill

And once you know that, you really begin to understand that self-belief can be learned.

And for me that made it attainable, real, something I could have, something that would happen

No-one is born with limitless self-belief; you have to work at it

So I thought I’d share my top tips for creating self-belief

  • Anything that doesn’t quite go how I want it to go, I always ask myself "what have I learned about me during this process, what can I learn about the situation and what are my lessons?"
  • That way you are always winning or learning. Self-belief is how you feel about yourself regardless of your achievements.
  • Keeping a positive mindset in whatever situation you find yourself – there is always a different way of thinking about things.
  • Celebrate your wins, however small, start creating a winning vibration for your subconscious to work with
  • Did you know that the best type of knowledge to learn is about yourself? It’s how you grow as a person; it’s how you change.

It’s how you become happier.

It’s how you become more fulfilled

It’s how you have belief in yourself

And ultimately how you get closer to your own definition of success

I dare you to believe in you

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